The Council of Hong Kong Professional Associations (COPA) is an organization comprising professional bodies and professionals from different sectors in Hong Kong . Its vision and mission are as follows:



Vision and Mission


To be a significant platform for professional bodies to consult and collaborate, thereby contributing to the promotion of professionalism and sustained development of professional human resources in Hong Kong .




•  To serve as a focal point for member associations to network and achieve synergy;

•  To facilitate member associations in leveraging interdisciplinary expertise for the enhancement of their members' achievements;

•  To assist in enhancing the effectiveness of member associations with a view to strengthening their roles in professional human resources development endeavours in Hong Kong ;

•  To facilitate the formation of consensual views of member associations on professional issues of common interest and advocate such views in the community; and

•  To promote exchanges and collaborations between professional bodies in Hong Kong and relevant organizations in the Mainland of China and overseas.